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Test and Validation


At Pioneer Weston our goal is to deliver a world-class service in every area of our operations.

Evidence of this is the considerable investment and resource that has been applied to advance our testingand validation facilities to enable us to deliver products of a known performance and life expectancy.

Our facilities and people enable us to validate our designs and those of our customers, and to replicate 'real-world' operating conditions; delivering products to the most exacting requirements.


Considerable investment  and resource has been applied to advance our test facilities and develop staff, enabling us to offer products of proven high performance.

Test facilities include, onsite:

  • SCADA on all test rigs, including dynamic torque, pressure, temperature and speed measurement.
  • Dynamic torque transducers.
  • Pressure transmitters.
  • Two environmental test housings.
  • Video surveillance systems.
  • UV 'tell-tale' dye.
  • High powered microscope with digital cameras

Plus access to specialist test houses and universities

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