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Mechanical Seal Repair center

Regular replacement of mechanical seals is very expensive

Reliable overhaul of your mechanical seals

Netherlands, France and Belgium

Due to the growing demand for overhaul facilities for mechanical seals in the Netherlands, France and Belgium, ERIKS decided to set up a centrally situated and fully equipped repair centre in Hoboken, Antwerp. This repair centre is equipped with all modern production, inspection and testing equipment. Mechanical seals of all designs are repaired, overhauled and modified in accordance with factory specifications.

Products from all reputable manufacturers are professionally repaired quickly and in optimum circumstances in the Benelux Repair centre. We are ISO 9002 certified and authorised by AESSEAL and Roten. This is audited annually.

The standard time taken for repair runs to a maximum of four weeks, but of course special arrangements are always possible.

United Kingdom

Save up to 40% of the cost off a new mechanical seal by opting to have it re-manufactured by Pioneer Weston. Benefit from the same performance and product life and in some circumstances they can be delivered before a replacement unit.

Our dedicated 240m2 re-manufacturing centre is one of the best equipped in the world, and houses the latest production, control and testing equipment to ensure your seal will match the performance of the original manufacturers’ unit.

Our technicians and specialists repair and modify all leading brands as well as bespoke to or custom seals and are experts in returning them to the highest standards, quickly and professionally using original or special design components where required. To date, we have re-engineered more than 10,000 custom mechanical seals to provide increased life and performance.

It’s a simple service; send your seal to our Warrington facility marked for REPAIR and we’ll do the rest.

What does Pioneer Weston do with your seal?

  • Completely disassemble the seal
  • Clean all parts ultrasonically, waterblast with micro granules and inspect for damage.
  • Polish and lap the recoverable sealing faces.
  • During and after the lapping we inspect the flatness of the seal faces with monochromatic light to one light band.
  • Replace elastomers and other parts that no longer meet the specification.
  • Reassemble and pressure test your mechanical seal.
  • Protectively package and dispatch back to you.
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